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Sonoma Transit - 29B Schedule

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Weekend - Guerneville Safeway

Zone 6 - Russian River/Coast
Doran Park (Bodega Bay) Bodega Bay Post Office (Westbound) The Tides (Bodega Bay) Salmon Creek Beach Portuguese Beach Duncan's Landing Arch View (Blind Beach) Jenner Duncans Mills (Eastbound) Moscow Rd & Casini Ranch Moscow Rd & West St Moscow Rd & Russian River Ave Moscow Rd & Main St D St & Bohemian Hwy Hwy 116 & Ridgecrest Dr Hwy 116 & Riverside Dr Hwy 116 & Old Cazadero Rd Hwy 116 (Guerneville Park & Ride) Guerneville Safeway - River Rd
10:37am 10:47am 10:49am 10:57am 11:07am 11:11am 11:23am 11:30am 11:40am 11:41am 11:44am 11:44am 11:46am 11:47am 11:49am 11:54am 11:55am 11:56am 11:57am
02:10pm 02:20pm 02:22pm 02:30pm 02:40pm 02:44pm 02:56pm 03:03pm 03:13pm 03:14pm 03:17pm 03:17pm 03:19pm 03:20pm 03:22pm 03:27pm 03:28pm 03:29pm 03:30pm
04:06pm 04:16pm 04:18pm 04:26pm 04:36pm 04:40pm 04:52pm 04:59pm 05:09pm 05:10pm 05:13pm 05:13pm 05:15pm 05:16pm 05:18pm 05:23pm 05:24pm 05:25pm 05:26pm

Weekend - Bodega Bay

Zone 6 - Russian River/Coast
River Rd & Armstrong Woods Rd Guerneville (Bank Of America) Hwy 116 (Guerneville Park & Ride) Hwy 116 & Lovers/Guernewood Ln Hwy 116 & Riverside Dr Hwy 116 & Ridgecrest Dr Monte Rio & Hwy 116 Moscow Rd & Main St Villa Grande - Moscow Rd Moscow Rd & West St Moscow Rd & Casini Ranch Duncans Mills (Westbound) Jenner Arch View (Blind Beach) Duncan's Landing Portuguese Beach Salmon Creek Beach The Tides (Bodega Bay) Bodega Bay Post Office (Eastbound) Doran Park (Bodega Bay)
09:00am 09:00am 09:00am 09:02am 09:03am 09:07am 09:10am 09:10am 09:12am 09:12am 09:15am 09:17am 09:27am 09:34am 09:46am 09:50am 10:00am 10:05am 10:07am 10:17am
12:43pm 12:43pm 12:43pm 12:45pm 12:46pm 12:50pm 12:53pm 12:53pm 12:55pm 12:55pm 12:58pm 01:00pm 01:10pm 01:17pm 01:29pm 01:33pm 01:43pm 01:48pm 01:50pm 02:00pm