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Sonoma Transit - 60X Schedule

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Monday-Friday - Cloverdale City Hall

Zone 1 - Santa Rosa Zone 2 - Windsor/Healdsburg Zone 8 - Geyserville/Cloverdale
Santa Rosa Transit Mall - 2nd St B St & Ross St Mendocino Ave & Cherry St Mendocino Ave & College Ave Mendocino Ave & Ridgeway Ave Ac Santa Rosa Junior College Mendocino Ave & Dexter St Mendocino Ave & Silva Ave Mendocino Ave & Steele Ln Administration Dr & Paulin Dr Administration Dr & Ventura Ave County Admin Center (Ventura Ave) Mendocino Ave & Bicentennial Way Mendocino Ave & Fountaingrove Pkwy Old Redwood Hwy & Market St Old Redwood Hwy & Windsor Rd Windsor Rd & Howard Dr Windsor Depot - Windsor Rd Windsor River Rd (Windsor Depot) Windsor River Rd & Old Redwood Hwy Healdsburg Ave & Exchange Ave Healdsburg Ave & Mill St Healdsburg Plaza - Healdsburg Ave Healdsburg Ave & Powell Ave Healdsburg Ave & Dry Creek Rd Healdsburg Ave & Terrace Blvd Healdsburg Ave & Foss Creek (Driveway) Healdsburg Ave & Parkland Farms Blvd Healdsburg Ave & Alexander Valley Rd Lytton Springs Rd & Geyserville Ave Geyserville Ave & Independence Ln Geyserville Ave & Tzabaco Creek Rd Geyserville Ave & Walden St Geyserville Ave (Geyserville Park & Ride) Geyserville Ave & Geysers Ridge Rd Geyserville Ave & Canyon Rd Asti Rd & Asti Post Office Rd Theresa Dr & Asti Rd Cloverdale Blvd & Sandholm Ln Cloverdale Blvd & Church Ln Cloverdale Blvd & Brookside Dr Cloverdale Blvd & Tarman Dr Cloverdale Blvd & South St Cloverdale City Hall & Plaza
06:30am 06:30am 06:31am 06:32am 06:32am 06:34am 06:34am 06:34am 06:35am 06:36am 06:36am - 06:38am 06:38am - - - - - - 06:51am 06:51am 06:52am 06:56am 06:57am 06:57am 06:58am 06:58am 07:00am 07:00am 07:03am 07:04am 07:07am 07:07am 07:07am 07:08am 07:16am 07:18am 07:21am 07:21am 07:22am 07:23am 07:24am 07:25am
05:10pm 05:11pm 05:12pm 05:12pm 05:13pm 05:15pm 05:15pm 05:15pm 05:16pm 05:18pm 05:18pm 05:19pm 05:25pm 05:25pm 05:40pm 05:41pm 05:41pm 05:42pm 05:42pm 05:42pm 05:51pm 05:51pm 05:52pm 05:56pm 05:58pm 05:58pm 05:58pm 05:59pm 06:00pm 06:00pm 06:02pm 06:04pm 06:05pm 06:06pm 06:07pm 06:08pm 06:22pm 06:22pm 06:23pm 06:23pm 06:24pm 06:24pm 06:24pm 06:25pm

Monday-Friday - Santa Rosa Transit Mall