County Connection - 20 Schedule

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Monday-Friday - Concord BART

Diablo Valley College Gateway Blvd & Clayton Rd Concord Bart
6:07am 6:17am 6:21am
6:22am 6:32am 6:36am
6:37am 6:47am 6:51am
6:52am 7:02am 7:06am
7:07am 7:17am 7:21am
7:22am 7:32am 7:36am
7:37am 7:47am 7:51am
7:52am 8:02am 8:06am
8:07am 8:17am 8:21am
8:22am 8:32am 8:36am
8:37am 8:47am 8:51am
8:52am 9:02am 9:06am
9:07am 9:17am 9:21am
9:22am 9:32am 9:36am
9:37am 9:47am 9:51am
10:07am 10:17am 10:21am
10:37am 10:47am 10:51am
11:07am 11:17am 11:21am
11:37am 11:47am 11:51am
12:07pm 12:17pm 12:21pm
12:22pm 12:32pm 12:36pm
12:37pm 12:47pm 12:51pm
12:52pm 1:02pm 1:06pm
1:07pm 1:17pm 1:21pm
1:22pm 1:32pm 1:36pm
1:37pm 1:47pm 1:51pm
1:52pm 2:02pm 2:06pm
2:07pm 2:20pm 2:26pm
2:22pm 2:35pm 2:41pm
2:37pm 2:50pm 2:56pm
2:52pm 3:05pm 3:11pm
3:07pm 3:20pm 3:26pm
3:22pm 3:35pm 3:41pm
3:37pm 3:50pm 3:56pm
3:52pm 4:05pm 4:11pm
4:07pm 4:20pm 4:26pm
4:22pm 4:35pm 4:41pm
4:37pm 4:50pm 4:56pm
4:52pm 5:02pm 5:06pm
5:07pm 5:17pm 5:21pm
Diablo Valley College Gateway Blvd & Clayton Rd Concord Bart
5:22pm 5:32pm 5:36pm
5:37pm 5:47pm 5:51pm
5:52pm 6:02pm 6:06pm
6:07pm 6:17pm 6:21pm
6:37pm 6:47pm 6:51pm
7:07pm 7:17pm 7:21pm
7:37pm 7:47pm 7:51pm
8:07pm 8:17pm 8:21pm
8:37pm 8:47pm 8:51pm
9:07pm 9:17pm 9:21pm
9:37pm 9:47pm 9:51pm
10:07pm 10:17pm 10:21pm

Monday-Friday - Diablo Valley College

Concord Bart Gateway Blvd & Willow Pass Rd Diablo Valley College
6:30am 6:36am 6:46am
6:45am 6:51am 7:01am
7:00am 7:06am 7:16am
7:15am 7:21am 7:31am
7:30am 7:36am 7:46am
7:45am 7:51am 8:01am
8:00am 8:06am 8:16am
8:15am 8:21am 8:31am
8:30am 8:36am 8:46am
8:45am 8:51am 9:01am
9:00am 9:06am 9:16am
9:15am 9:21am 9:31am
9:30am 9:36am 9:46am
9:45am 9:51am 10:01am
10:00am 10:06am 10:16am
10:30am 10:36am 10:46am
11:00am 11:06am 11:16am
11:30am 11:36am 11:46am
12:00pm 12:06pm 12:16pm
12:30pm 12:36pm 12:46pm
12:45pm 12:51pm 1:01pm
1:00pm 1:06pm 1:16pm
1:15pm 1:21pm 1:31pm
1:30pm 1:36pm 1:46pm
1:45pm 1:51pm 2:01pm
2:00pm 2:06pm 2:16pm
2:15pm 2:21pm 2:31pm
2:30pm 2:36pm 2:46pm
2:45pm 2:51pm 3:01pm
3:00pm 3:06pm 3:16pm
3:15pm 3:21pm 3:31pm
3:30pm 3:36pm 3:46pm
3:45pm 3:51pm 4:01pm
4:00pm 4:06pm 4:16pm
4:15pm 4:21pm 4:31pm
4:30pm 4:36pm 4:46pm
4:45pm 4:51pm 5:01pm
5:00pm 5:06pm 5:16pm
5:15pm 5:21pm 5:31pm
5:30pm 5:36pm 5:46pm
Concord Bart Gateway Blvd & Willow Pass Rd Diablo Valley College
5:45pm 5:51pm 6:01pm
6:00pm 6:06pm 6:16pm
6:30pm 6:36pm 6:46pm
7:00pm 7:06pm 7:16pm
7:30pm 7:36pm 7:46pm
8:00pm 8:06pm 8:16pm
8:30pm 8:36pm 8:46pm
9:00pm 9:06pm 9:16pm
9:30pm 9:36pm 9:46pm