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Alameda-Contra Costa (AC) Transit Fares

Fares listed were last updated on 02/04/2017 . If any information is incorrect please send an email to .

AC Transit Local

Clipper is accepted on all routes
Adult(19-64) $2.10
Adult(19-64) - Clipper $2.00
Youth(5-18) $1.05
Youth(5-18) - Clipper $1.00
Senior(65+) $1.05
Senior(65+) - Clipper $1.00
Disabled $1.05
Disabled - Clipper $1.00
Adult - BART Transfer - Clipper $1.50
Youth - BART Transfer - Clipper $0.50
Senior/Disabled - BART Transfer $0.50
Golden Gate Transfer $0.00
Amtrak Transfer $0.00
Transfers from other agencies Golden Gate Transit, VTA, WestCat may be valid for 1 local fare. Ask driver for an inter-agency transfer. Clipper Cards will automatically do this.

BART clipper card transfers receive a 50¢ discount. Clipper will calculate it automatically and cash users should get a transfer from dispenser behind fare gates

AC Transit Transbay

Clipper is accepted on all routes
Adult(19-64) $4.20
Youth(5-18) $2.10
Senior(64+) $2.10
Disabled $2.10
Local To Transbay Transfer $2.00
Amtrak Transfer $0.00
1 use ticket transfer to Transbay Bus from Local bus must be requested from local bus driver and will be charged Transbay fare.

Transfers using Clipper Card are automatically applied on second bus.