San Mateo Transit (SamTrans) Fares

Fares listed were last updated on 01/30/2017. If any information is incorrect please send an email to

Samtrans Local

Clipper is accepted on all routes
Adult - Cash$2.25
Adult - Clipper$2.05
Youth(5-17) - Cash$1.10
Youth - Clipper$1.00
Senior(64+) - Cash$1.10
Senior - Clipper$1.00
Disabled/Medicare - Cash$1.10
Disabled/Medicare - Clipper$1.00

Samtrans 292/397/KX - Leaving SF only

Clipper is accepted on all routes
Adult - Clipper$3.60
KX Express into San Francisco may be paid upon boarding or exiting, only local fare is required for use within San Mateo County.