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SamTrans - 60 Schedule

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Monday-Friday - Bridge/Bowsprit

Monday-Friday - Ralston Middle School

Marine Pkwy & Island Dr Barkentine Ln & Cringle Dr Ralston Ave & El Camino Real Alameda De Las Pulgas & El Verano Way Alameda De Las Pulgas & Ralston Ave Ralston Ave & Alameda De Las Pulgas Ralston Ave & Tahoe Dr
06:52am 07:06am 07:24am 07:35am 07:38am 07:39am 07:45am
07:05am 07:19am 07:37am 07:48am 07:51am 07:52am 07:58am
07:57am 08:10am 08:28am 08:35am 08:37am - -

Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri - Bridge/Bowsprit

Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri - Ralston Middle School

Wed - Bridge/Bowsprit

Wed - Ralston Middle School