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Monday-Friday - Magnolia Park

Zone 4 - Rohnert Park/Cotati/Petaluma
Lawrence Jones Middle School Rancho Cotate High School Arlen Dr & Santa Alicia Dr Technology Middle School Cotati Hub - Cotati Ave Lancaster Dr & Myrtle Ave E Cotati Ave & Lancaster Dr Manchester Ave & Magnolia Ave Bodway Pkwy & Middlebrook Way Bodway Pkwy & Maurice Ave
---03:00pm 03:08pm 03:11pm 03:13pm 03:17pm 03:19pm -
03:05pm -03:09pm -03:15pm 03:18pm 03:19pm 03:23pm 03:25pm -
-03:20pm --03:32pm 03:35pm 03:36pm 03:40pm 03:42pm 03:42pm

Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri - Lawrence Jones Middle

Wed - Technology Middle