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Monday-Friday - Hunter Dr & Senior Center - LOOP

Zone 4 - Rohnert Park/Cotati/Petaluma
Hunter Dr & Senior Center Rancho Verde Mobile Home Park Reading Cinemas (Labath Ave) Rancho Feliz Mobile Home Park Chase Bank - Rohnert Park Expy Country Club Dr-Golf Course Fairway Dr & Flores Ave Fairway Dr & Country Club Dr Snyder Ln & Holly Ave Lawrence Jones Middle School Rancho Cotate High School Country Club Dr & Civic Center Dr Rohnert Park Library Raleys Towne Centre Hunter Dr & Senior Center
- 7:27am 7:28am 7:30am 7:36am 7:42am 7:45am 7:47am 7:50am 7:55am 8:05am - - - -
- - - - - - - - - 3:03pm 3:04pm 3:06pm 3:07pm 3:08pm 3:10pm
3:12pm 3:19pm 3:20pm 3:22pm 3:28pm 3:34pm 3:37pm 3:39pm 3:42pm 3:44pm 3:53pm 3:55pm 3:56pm 3:58pm 4:00pm
4:02pm 4:09pm 4:10pm 4:12pm 4:18pm 4:24pm 4:27pm 4:29pm 4:32pm 4:34pm 4:37pm 4:39pm 4:40pm 4:42pm 4:44pm