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Monday-Friday - Positano Loop

East Dublin Bart Station Central Pkwy & Glynnis Rose Dr Fallon Rd & Silvera Ranch Dr Positano Pkwy & Valentano Dr Wb Fallon Middle School - Kohnen Way Central Pkwy & Glynnis Rose Dr East Dublin Bart Station
06:32am 06:38am 06:43am 06:58am 07:08am 07:11am 07:18am
07:32am 07:38am 07:43am 07:58am 08:08am 08:11am 08:18am
08:32am 08:38am 08:43am 08:58am 09:08am 09:11am 09:18am
03:32pm 03:38pm 03:43pm 03:58pm 04:08pm 04:11pm 04:18pm
04:32pm 04:38pm 04:43pm 04:58pm 05:08pm 05:11pm 05:18pm
05:32pm 05:38pm 05:43pm 05:58pm 06:08pm 06:11pm 06:18pm
06:32pm 06:38pm 06:43pm ----

Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri - Dublin/Pleasanton BART

Wed - Dublin/Pleasanton BART