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210 - Union Landing - Fremont Blvd - Ohlone

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Max Stops Served:87 Stops
Monday-Friday Service: 05:06am ‐ 11:20pm
- 69 scheduled trips
Saturday Service: 07:00am ‐ 08:40pm
- 52 scheduled trips
Sunday Service: 07:00am ‐ 08:40pm
- 52 scheduled trips
Cities Served:Fremont, Union City

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Route Stops

Retrieving Departure Updates..
Ohlone College-Key C
Washington Blvd & Ellsworth St
Washington Blvd & Jerome Av
Washington Blvd & Palm Av
Washington Blvd & Meredith Dr
Washington Blvd & Bruce Dr
Fremont Blvd & Chapel Way
Fremont Blvd & Mission View Dr
Fremont Blvd & Bidwell Dr
Fremont Blvd & Beacon Av
Fremont Blvd & #38932 (Near Mowry Av)
Fremont Blvd & Eggers Dr
Fremont Blvd & Centerville Jr High School
Fremont Blvd & Peralta Ct
Fremont Blvd & Alder Av (American Sr High School)
Fremont Blvd & Nicolet Av
Fremont Blvd & Decoto Rd
Fremont Blvd & Darwin Dr
Fremont Blvd & Enea Ct
Alvarado Blvd & Great Salt Lake Ct
Alvarado Blvd & Galaxy Dr
Dyer St & Santa Susana Way
Union Landing Transit Center