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M - Ocean View

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Max Stops Served:56 Stops
Monday-Friday Service: 04:15am ‐ 01:29am
- 212 scheduled trips
Saturday Service: 04:09am ‐ 01:30am
- 196 scheduled trips
Sunday Service: 06:30am ‐ 01:18am
- 158 scheduled trips
Cities Served:San Francisco
SF Districts Served:Balboa Park District, Civic Center, Corona Heights, Duboce Triangle, Financial District, Forest Hill, Ingleside, Ingleside Heights, Lakeshore, Lakeside, Merced Heights, Mid-Market, Mission District, Mission-Terrace, Oceanview, Outer Mission, Powell/Union Square, Saint Francis Wood, South Beach, South Of Market, The Castro, The Embarcadero, Twin Peaks, West Portal, Yerba Buena

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