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Max Stops Served: 58 Stops
Monday-Friday Service: 05:42am ‐ 01:00am
- 236 scheduled trips
Saturday Service: 04:57am ‐ 12:24am
- 195 scheduled trips
Sunday Service: 04:57am ‐ 12:24am
- 182 scheduled trips
Cities Served:San Francisco
SF Districts Served:Mission-Terrace, Ingleside, Outer Mission, Balboa Park District, Oceanview, Merced Heights, Ingleside Heights, Lakeshore, Lakeside, Saint Francis Wood, West Portal, Twin Peaks, Forest Hill, The Castro, Duboce Triangle, Corona Heights, Mission District, Civic Center, South Of Market, Mid-Market, Powell/Union Square, Yerba Buena, Financial District, South Beach, Cayuga Terrace, The Embarcadero

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