Route Information

Max Stops Served: 103 Stops
Monday-Friday Service: 12:00am ‐ 06:20am
- 23 scheduled trips
Saturday Service: 12:00am ‐ 06:20am
- 23 scheduled trips
Sunday Service: 12:00am ‐ 06:20am
- 23 scheduled trips
Cities Served:San Francisco
SF Districts Served:Ashbury Heights, Central Sunset, Civic Center, Cole Valley, Duboce Triangle, Financial District, Haight-Ashbury, Hayes Valley, Inner Sunset, Lower Haight, Mid-Market, Mission Bay, Mission District, Outer Sunset, Powell/Union Square, South Beach, South Of Market, Sunset District, Tenderloin, The Castro, The Embarcadero, Yerba Buena

Route Stops

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Judah/La Playa/Ocean Beach
Judah St & 43rd Ave
Judah St & Sunset Blvd
Judah St & 31st Ave
Judah St & 25th Ave
Judah St & 19th Ave
Judah St & Funston Ave
Judah St & 9th Ave
Irving St & 5th Ave
Carl St & Hillway Ave
Carl St and Cole St
Cole St & Waller St
Haight St & Clayton St
Haight St & Buena Vista East Ave
Haight St & Pierce St
Hermann St & Fillmore St
Market St & Dolores St
Market St & Gough St
Market St & 9th St
Market St & 7th St
Market St & 5th St
Market St & 3rd St
Market St & 1st St
Market St & Steuart St
The Embarcadero & Howard St
The Embarcadero & Townsend St
Townsend St & 5th St