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Max Stops Served: 95 Stops
Monday-Friday Service: 04:33am ‐ 10:52pm
- 110 scheduled trips
Saturday Service: 04:34am ‐ 10:52pm
- 110 scheduled trips
Sunday Service: 04:34am ‐ 10:52pm
- 110 scheduled trips
Cities Served:San Francisco
SF Districts Served:Outer Richmond, Richmond District, Central Richmond, Inner Richmond, Balboa Hollow, Lone Mountain, North of Panhandle, Anza Vista, Western Addition, Tenderloin, Little Saigon, Polk Gulch, Powell/Union Square, Mid-Market, South Of Market, Yerba Buena, Civic Center

Route Stops

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Cabrillo St & La Playa St
Cabrillo St & 47th Ave
45th Ave & Balboa St
Balboa St & 40th Ave
Balboa St & 34th Ave
Balboa St & 30th Ave
Balboa St & 25th Ave
Balboa St & 21st Ave
Balboa St & 17th Ave
Balboa St & 12th Ave
Balboa St & 8th Ave
Balboa St & 4th Ave
Turk St & Stanyan St
Turk St & Chabot Ter
Turk St & Masonic Ave
Turk St & Lyon St
Turk St & Broderick St
Eddy St & Scott St
Eddy St & Fillmore St
Eddy St & Laguna St
Eddy St & Van Ness Ave
Eddy St & Larkin St
Eddy St & Leavenworth St
Eddy St & Taylor St
Cyril Magnin St & Market St